RSend Project - Free Windows Instant Messenger for LAN and WAN

RSend is free software for instant messaging in Microsoft Windows Network

RSend is designed for enterprises with a distributed network of branches with different subnets and connected through slow links. RSend is easy to use, doesn't require installation and maintenance of administrator, provides integration with Active Directory, deployment via group policy.

            RSend key features            

  • MS Windows XP/V/7/8/10/2003-2012;
  • Client-server architecture based on .Net Remoting technology and C#;
  • LAN / WAN messaging implementation;
  • Min consumption of channels bandwidth and computers resources;
  • High productivity and performance;
  • Fast messaging to large groups of users;
  • Number of users up to 1,000;
  • User and computer names as recipients;
  • Usage of AD groups (users, computers, mixed, nested, shadow) as recipients;
  • Ability to create own private groups;
  • Max message size is up to 1,000 chars;
  • Buit-in filter and search engine;
  • User-friendly interface, multi-language support, online help, hot keys;
  • Availability of command-line utility;

  • Video (HD) with demonstration of RSend in a real production environment (!) you can see by clicking on the link



    This documentation can be provided as online help to RSend users. How to implement it you can read in the "RSend Administrator Guide". If you find an error in the documentation, please send an email to

    Terms and conditions of use RSend

    RSend Administator Guide

    RSend User Guide

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